Top ranking African countries in the music industries

There’s no doubt that African songs have taken the music industry by storm over the past few years. From dominating the billboard charts to being played at weddings and other events.

Did you know that some of the most popular songs in the world right now are African? In 2021, African music dominated the charts, with singers and bands from all over the continent coming out with hits that fans loved. Whether it was a dance song, a love ballad, or an upbeat track. These African songs have proven their popularity and staying power.

Here are just a few of the biggest African songs from 2021:

Essence by Wizkid ft. Tems (Nigeria Song)

Tems and Wizkid’s musical collaboration ‘Essence’ was released in 2020 and struck a chord with RnB fans right away. The two artists complemented each other perfectly, making it one of the biggest hits that year.

This song was so popular that it was played in every club, party and wedding. With over 66 million views on YouTube. Essence went on to become one of Wizkid’s most famous songs to date.

Second Sermon by Black Sherif (Ghana)

Another song that topped the charts is Second Sermon by Black Sherif (Ghana) – an afro-pop song about having faith in God. This song was often played at religious ceremonies and churches, making it stand out from other African songs. With about 9 million views on YouTube, Second Sermon is a very successful release to date.

Feeling by Ladipoe ft. Buju (Nigeria)

Ladipoe’s Feeling is a powerful love song that talks about the pain of being away from a lover. The catchy lyrics and sounds made it a hit among listeners, with millions of views on YouTube. This makes Feeling Ladipoe’s most famous song to date.

Infinity by Olamide ft. Omah Lay (Nigeria)

One of the most iconic African songs from 2021 was released by Olamide featuring Omah Lay – Infinity. With over 47 million views on YouTube and 5 consecutive weeks at number 1 internationally, Infinity was a huge success. It’s no surprise that it became one of the best songs in Africa in 2021.

Izo by Makhadzi ft John Delinger (SA)

Another big hit from 2022 is Izo by Makhadzi ft John Delinger (SA). This song had everything, dance moves, an upbeat sound and even a catchy pop hook. Izo received international praise winning several awards including best performer at the African Music Awards that year.

Kilometre by Burna Boy (Nigeria)

Another popular song was Kilometre by Burna Boy (Nigeria). It’s no surprise that this song got over 13 million views on YouTube as it had everything from a catchy beat to a fun, danceable sound. This song was played at almost every party and club.

Takarasima by Jah Prayzah (Zimbabwe)

Last but not least is Takarasima by Jah Prayzah (Zimbabwe) – a powerful tune about love and loyalty. This song stood out from other African songs as it was a reggae ballad, something that the continent had not seen before. With lots of views on YouTube Takarasima went on to be a best performer in one of Jah Prayzah’s releases.

In conclusion, African music continues to make an impact all around the world and will no doubt continue to succeed. Each of these songs is unique, but they all have one thing in common-each.


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