SOLUDO: When a Bunch of Known Corrupt People Unite Against One Man -Obi, With Their PHDs (Pull Him Down Spirit)

SOLUDO: When a Bunch of Known Corrupt People Unite Against One Man -Obi, With Their PHDs (Pull Him Down Spirit)

We Must Wrestle And Rescue Nigeria From Their Hands.

We still remember that Peter Obi handsomely defeated you in 2009 governorship election in Anambra state after you indiscretly muscled away other PDP governorship aspirants

By Rev. Fr. Ugonna Vitus Nwosu

It is an open secret that the Nigerian state has for decades bleeded and still bleeds under the gruesome wickedness of the structured and estabilished political class.

This class of bourgeoisie found in the different arms and tiers of government, treat themselves to a lavish life style with stolen national wealth to the detriment and impoverishment of the proletariat and the hoi polloi in Nigeria.

It is, therefore, not surprising that this situation has catapulted the nation to her present social, political and economic comatose, with the extreme likelihood of eventual demise (God forbid!). The more worrying scenario is that this blood thirsty political class is not yet satisfied with their endemic vampeer-feast-syndrome.
Surprisingly, Nigeria is one of the most blessed nation on the planet Earth with overwhelmingly rich human and natural resources ranging from crude oil, coal, granite, silver, iron-ore, barite, bitumen, limestne, lead-ore, zinc and so on. Nigerians are some of the most intellectually vibrant persons known across the world in various fields. However, some of these resources seem to have turned out as curses instead of blessings to the Nigerian people. What a pradox!

After a meditative reading and study of the hate infested epistle; History Beckons and I will not be Silent (Part 1) by a well known Nigerian professor of Ecomonics and the sitting governor of Anambra state, one can hardly come to a different conclusion if not that the author is one of those who want to make a joke of the bleeding Nigerian masses. I take the painful task of giving his write-up the appropriate title «Together we must stop him before he exposes us».

I read with rapped attention the unnecessarily long and malicious thesis of this professor of economics and saw desperation in a quest to stop a man singled out by the majority of the common people who are at the scourging low rung of the ladder in the Nigerian society. So for the author, we must demarket and campaign against him in order to ensure he fails before he spoils our « business ».

The writer betrays his acrimoniuos vituperations as he constantly attacks the Labour Party presidential candidate even against the glaring facts of his gigantic political strides as governor of Anambra state. Intermintently, he alludes to social media violence of which he is presently guilt of. I waited for him to point out one thing wrong which he could ascribe to the presidential candidate except for his « crime » of saving money while aggressively tackling the educational, economic, healthcare and infrastructural deficits in the state and saw nothing tangible. He referred to the oil boom at the time Peter Obi was in office as if the savings and good governance indices in Anambra then was a common national phenomenon in all the states. If Peter Obi had any skeleton in his cupboard, it would have been exposed. Your write-up reaffirms what he keeps saying: Go to Anambra and verify!

It is, however, not my intention to respond to all the loose conjectures of this professor’s unwarranted anger against Peter Obi or his obvious jealousy of not being the name on the lips of most ordinary Nigerians but to point out to Nigerians that he is one of them. These are blood sucking politicians! Empathy is far from them. Beware of them!

Sir, Nigerians are tired of all these deceptions and your attempt to vilify a man who has neither done or said something wrong about you, to his state or to Nigerians, makes our resolve to go for him stronger. Your surreptitious attribution of your failure to secure Anambrians from criminals and gunmen to Peter Obi is to say the least condemnable. Your increasing « APC borrowing spirit » only few months in office is not going unnoticed. Your obvious agenda of presenting him as an “Igbo project” has also failed.

We still remember that Peter Obi handsomely defeated you in 2009 governorship election in Anambra state after you indiscretly muscled away other PDP governorship aspirants. Are you still aggrieved? We have not forgotten that you were one of the 8-member Economic Advisory Council (EAC) of President Muhammadu Buhari (APC), which reported directly to him on issues related to national economic policies. Therefore, the ashes of your contibutions to our present unpadonable debt profile and economic quagmire are still festering. Little wonder, you seem to castigate the one who saved while commending and participating in reckless borrowing.

Sir, your crossing over from PDP to APGA does not exonerate you from the misgovernance of the PDP administrations in which you actively participated in.
Why do you structured and established politicians aggressively go after this one man? It was Marcus Aurelius who noted and I quote : “When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man.” Nigerians must take back their country!

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