Police, hunters rescue 13 kidnapped passengers in Osun

Police, hunters rescue 13 kidnapped passengers in Osun

By Toba Adedeji, Osogbo

Police and hunters have rescued 13 Ilesha-bound travellers from kidnappers in Osun State.

The Nation gathered reliably the passengers boarded Ilesha commercial bus at a garage in Osogbo around 1:25pm on Sunday.

But five out of the 18 passengers were kidnappers.

It was learnt that when the bus moved, one of the five kidnappers pleaded with the driver to stop for him to urinate.

It was at that point, the kidnappers pulled out gun and forced them into the bush.

Speaking with one of the rescued passengers Ewaoluwa Oluwatofunmi, said: “I went to Ilesha garage in Osogbo to enter a bus going to Ilesha. When I got there, I met five men with some ladies inside the bus. We moved after the bus was full but on getting to a place, the men told the driver to pack for them to urinate.

“The driver parked and when they got down, they asked others inside the bus if we were not going to come down and urinate. We told them we are mature to know if we want to urinate.

“Later, one of them told driver that one of car tires has run out of air, the driver got down and the other people in the bus also came down.

“As soon as we alighted from the bus, the men brought out guns and asked us to move inside the bush. We trekked for some minute inside the bush until the men stopped us and asked us to bring out whatever valuables we had with us.

“After that, they forced us inside the bush. We heard the siren of the police and this scared the gun men. They ran away and left us there.”

Confirming the incident, Osun Police spokesperson Yemisi Opalola said: “We rescued the passengers from kidnappers with the help of hunters. The passengers were forced into the bush at the boundary of Osogbo/Ilesha but were found at brewery area inside Ilesha.”

Source https://thenationonlineng.net/police-hunters-rescue-13-kidnapped-passengers-in-osun/

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