Pete Edochie blesses son’s presidential ambition

Pete Edochie blesses son’s presidential ambition

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Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has received the blessing of his father and veteran artiste, Pete, to join the country’s 2023 presidential race.

Newsmen had earlier reported that Yul had used the occasion of his last birthday to declare interest in becoming Nigeria’s next President.

The birthday boy had tweeted: “Happy 39th birthday to me! Last year l asked for wisdom, you gave it to me Lord. This year I ask for your grace oh Lord as I prepare to run for President of Nigeria in 2023. To bring real Peace, Unity & Progress. The youths deserve a chance to fix our Nation So help us God. Amen!”

He apparently sought the blessing of his father as he shared a video on his Instagram page where the veteran Nollywood actor endorsed his son to seek the topmost political prize come 2023.

In the video, Pete stated that although he was apolitical, he would not hold back his support for Yul who had decided to go into politics.

The legendary actor enjoined Nigerians to support the political ambition of his son, whom like the rest, he had brought up with strong values.

The man who shone as the protagonist Okonkwo in the television serialisation of Chinua Achebe’s legendary classic, Things Fall Apart, said: “My values are very strong. I have my own children and they are very strong in that regard too. I am not one to be involved in politics. But you see, not all your children are bound to follow you.

“One of my sons, who incidentally is an actor, has decided that he wants to be a politician. Most of the youngsters have been bugging my phone asking me to endorse my son that they want him as President and l get amused. But they keep insisting, Daddy, we want Yul to be the President of this country.

“We like him. He is disciplined, sympathetic, he believes a lot in people. They have bothered me so much that today, I hereby present him to you. He has my blessing. He has my endorsement.

“Any day he decides to veer off from the discipline under which he was raised, l will withdraw him from the race. It shall be well with you son. Since it has been your ambition to go into politics and the desire to run for the presidency of this country, may the good Lord assist you, protect and direct you.”


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