PDP is a vote-buying party that manipulates the poor and hungry masses of Ukwa East, says Kingsley Okadigbo

PDP is a vote-buying party that manipulates the poor and hungry masses of Ukwa East, says Kingsley Okadigbo

By Chijioke Micheal

A party faithful of the ruling peoples democratic party (PDP) in Abia state has berated all party members especially those that have served as party delegates since 2007, he made the statement at his appearance on a TV program on FLO FM TV.

Mr Kingsley Okadigbo who prides himself as the only saint in PDP and doubles as the convener of a body known as Cofula is from Ukwa East in Ndoki, Abia state.

He stated that worst of the poor and wretched people of Abia state are those from Ukwa East. It would Interest you to know that Mr Kingsley and a few others are championing the recall of his house of representative member – Hon. Uzoma Abonta, who he and his groups think has performed below par.

When asked by the presenter how a person that hasn’t performed well got to represent them four times, he blamed the PDP for fielding incompetent fellows over the years and as blamed fellow party members for acting out of hunger and poverty.

He also mentioned that the PDP is a party known for bribery and gives tickets to only highest bidders knowing the party member’s are hungry and poor.

In his exact words “… delegates who have been opportuned to stand to collect a $100, $200 as the case may be, and sometimes $2000, $3000 always support the candidate wether the person has performed well or not. …hungry constituents are often the delegates of this party…”

Mr Okadigbo, in his speech, implied that his boss – Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is a product of money induced primary election by few hungry party members who were the delegates.

Mr Kingsley Okadigbo is an Aide to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the Governor of Abia state. However, he has decided, in repentance, to distance himself from his boss and his party at large.

His statement is a direct vote of no confidence on the leadership of his party over the years and specifically the current leadership ably led by his kinsman Asiforo Okere. One would wonder what must have triggered this repentance from a person who has benefited from his party over the years. Sources have it that he is been paid by the opposition to discredit his party as he has been lured with a juicy offer should he be able to help them take over the state and, specifically, Ukwa East.

With his latest activities against the party, one is tempted to agree that he has been contracted to do the hatchet job.

Though one is bewildered on why he would choose to fight his party members and also his kinsman, who is at the helm of affairs of the party leadership at the moment; indeed the stake must be very high.

All efforts to reach the PDP and it’s leadership on what they think about the activities of their party men proved abortive, though it serves as a pointer to the incompetence of their leadership. This, probably, is the reason Mr Okadigbo has taken this part.

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