Obi Cubana gifts former classmates N40m

Obi Cubana gifts former classmates N40m

Hospitality entrepreneur and socialite, Chief Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, hosted his former secondary classmates in Abuja yesterday.

He invited them from all over the country for a reunion, which gave them the opportunity to see some of their friends and former classmates for the first time since they left secondary school over three decades ago.

The nightlife king, Obi Cubana, paid for flight tickets, hotel reservations and feeding of all the former classmates that graced the reunion.

The “Class 92” of Dennis Memorial Grammer School, Onitsha, was elated to see each other after a long period.

Obi Cubana floated the idea of a trust fund to assist some of their former classmates, who are not doing well financially.

He made a pledge of N2 million each to 20 of least financially viable of the former classmates.

In a video of the reunion, he is heard saying: “There are some of us, even here who are struggling. Life is not just about taking pictures posting on Instagram, making people feel that you have made it in life.

“To the glory of God, God has actually bless some of us. 

“People are going through hell and to the glory of God, some of us, God has actually blessed us.

“So I want to propose something tonight. I want us C92 to do something significant tonight. I want us to set up a fund that will cater, that will take care of some of our classmates who are not well to do.

“I will support this noble cause by picking up 20 people. When you identify these 20 people, 20 people from the poorest and the poor amongst us, I want to give them N2m.

“Don’t be intimidated by anything. We are not giving because we have, but we are giving because God has enabled us to do so.”


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