Nigerian Youth dissipate much energy discussing trivial issues – Yul Edochie

Nigerian Youth dissipate much energy discussing trivial issues – Yul Edochie

By Sylvester Kwentua

Recently, handsome actor Yul Edochie called out Nigerian youth on social media to stop talking about Davido and Burna Boy after the two superstars clashed at a nightclub in Ghana. According to him, Nigeria has bigger issues to worry about than the two singers. His comment, however, generated a lot of mixed reactions on Twitter. But in this encounter, the actor justifies his comments, insisting that he will continue to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored. He also talks about his political ambition and his plans for 2023. 

You have been concerned about fixing the country called Nigeria. If you are given the opportunity to serve, what will do to right the wrongs? 

First thing I’ll do if I become the President of Nigeria is to unite the country. At the moment, there’s no unity in Nigeria. And without unity, there can never be progress. I’ll hit the ground running immediately by assembling a competent team of credible men and women from the 36 states to work with me. Men and women who are fit for various positions irrespective of their tribes or religions. Not to keep favouring only one tribe. That way, every state will have a sense of belonging. The heads of all the parastatals will not be from only one tribe but from different tribes across the country. And yes, I intend to run for President in 2023.

Do you support the call for Igbo presidency and why?

I support the call for Igbo presidency. An Igbo man hasn’t been President of Nigeria in decades. So, if Nigeria truly belongs to all of us then the presidential seat should be rotational. And it shouldn’t end with the Igbos, other tribes should be given a chance as well.

Is your father comfortable with your political aspiration, otherwise how does he react to your political ambition?

My father doesn’t like politics. But I’ve made him understand that I’m not one of those who will keep complaining yet do nothing. I’ll keep making my voice heard and keep pushing to get into the system and change things. So, he wishes me well.

You appear to be his favourite son? I’m not his favourite son.

I’m just the most popular because of my profession. I’m the last son.

In your own opinion, do you think last year’s ENDSARS protest was huge enough to bring the desired change in the country? 

Through the #endsars protest, the people made their voices heard. We need to keep being our brothers keepers and keep speaking out against injustice.

You are quite active on social media platforms, how do you manage to be so active on social media, considering your busy schedules?

I’m always very busy with work but any issue that affects the masses, I must speak up on it, no matter how busy I am. It’s my duty as a citizen to speak out and ask for a better country.

Are you in support of regulating social media in Nigeria?

I do not support social media regulation.

What’s your assessment of President Buhari’s 2nd term in office?

Worse than the first! As long as dollar is still going up, fuel is going up, food prices are going up, electricity bill is going up, etc, kidnapping, terrorism and hunger are killing the people, how do you explain to the common man that you are doing well as a President?

When Davido and Burna Boy recently had a clash in Ghana, you caused a stir on social media when you called on Nigerian youth to stop talking about the two musicians, adding that Nigeria has bigger issues to worry about. Did you ever imagine your tweet was going to be misinterpreted? 

Many Nigerian youths waste so much time and energy discussing issues of very little significance. They hardly sustain discussions that can make Nigeria progress. And for me, I’ll always tell the youths the truth. The truth will be bitter sometimes. The truth might even hurt me as well but I’ll always say the truth. So I’m not worried about being misinterpreted. I’ll keep saying the truth.

How is your relationship with Davido and Burna Boy?

I’m a big fan of Davido and Burna Boy; very big fan. My tweet wasn’t meant to be an insult to them. As celebrities, people will always talk about us. But our gist shouldn’t be all there is to say for days. People will quarrel and people will make up, it’s very simple.

Do you think Burna Boy stands a good chance of winning the Grammy this year?

I don’t follow the Grammys but I know Burna Boy is good. He deserves any award that comes his way. So does Davido, Wizkid, Flavour, Yemi Alade and many other great acts we have.


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