My life @45: Abuja stands still as Dr. Ruzu celebrates 45th birthday with Nollywood

My life @45: Abuja stands still as Dr. Ruzu celebrates 45th birthday with Nollywood

A Celebrity Doctor, Dr. Robert Uzu popularly known as Dr. Ruzu, who is specialized in alternative medicine, celebrates his birthday today in Abuja. As at the time of filing this news, some Nollywood Veterans and Entertainment Practitioners have arrived Abuja for this epoch-making birthday celebration.

Dr. Ruzu is a philanthropist and a lover of humanity cum nature. He has treated a lot of people of their protracted ailments, including some Nollywood Actors, without a charge.

Dr. Ruzu, trained in Asian country, has achieved landmarks in treating Stroke, Fibroids, Infections of different kinds, terminal ailments, to mention but a few. A lot of testimonies abound.

Below is the synopsis of life’s journey thus far, of the Celebrity Doctor – Dr. Ruzu and what he intends to do for the less privileged students as his birthday gift. It reads;

“The purpose of life is simply to make a contribution to the fortune of Humanity. The essence of life is to put a smile people’s faces.

“Looking down the memory lane, it has been a wonderful journey, beginning from not having the privilege to receive that fatherly love and care, to being trained and brought up amidst the height of poverty and now making an impact to the society.

“What a journey?
I remember, yes I remember
I remember day the i wake up in the morning, took my bath, dressed up a went to school on my own at the age of 8

“I remember, yes I remember
I remembered my primary and secondary school days when Chuks, Ifeakachukwu and myself will go to school mostly three days in a week and spent the rest days of the week to pick condemned plastics, bottles and slippers and sell in order to buy books, pay school bills and support our mothers.

“I remember, yes, I remember ed,
I remembered those days when our school knickers would be due for replacement with two big holes at the back and our mothers will used sewing niddle and thread with different pieces of cloth to amend it for us. We were being renfered to as two touch light then.

“I remember, yes I remember,
I remembered the days Chuks, Ifeakachukwu and myself promised our mothers that we will never disappoint them and that we are going to make them proud.

“I remember yes I remember,
I remember the day when a woman my mother was owning some money came to our house in the early morning and used the hot water I want to use to make Eba to quenched the cooking fire and said, my son no food for your people today until your mother pay me my mother. Then I was 12 years and I went to school without breakfast.

“I remember yes, I remember,
I remember when I had the opportunity to school in Essex University in London with a pay job only for a flight I have already boarded with 5 mins to depart offloaded me with a claimed that my student visa was fake and I lost my luggage.

“I remember yes, I remember
I remember when I made the second attempt to go back to Essex University after the airline had provided me with another visa and on the fateful day I was to travel I went to my bag to take my international passport only to discovered that the visa page has been eaten by rat.

“Now this is the story of Uzu Onyemaechi Robert.

“My continuous study and research on traditional, complementary and alternative medicine has produced amazing products that have touched lives in wealth creation, saved many lives and is still touching many lives.

“Amongst these are:

  • Over 10 graduates in different disciplines across the Federation, through Ruzu Operation-Go-to-School
  • More than 5 undergraduates
  • Over 20 children restored back to Nursery, Primary and Secondary education
  • Restored electricity in my home town Umuebu, Ukwuani Local Government Area, Delta State.
  • Renovated Umuebu Secondary School in my home town.
  • Paid for 2022 Senior WAEC registration for 25 Students of Umuebu Secondary School, Umuebu, Delta State
  • Built drainage for Ruzu company’s host community at Igando, Lagos State.
  • Visited many Orphanages with gifts.
  • Provided free treated water for Ruzu company’s host community in Igando, Lagos State

“It is my utmost desire to sponsor another 10 students through University education in Nigeria, @5M per student (five million naira per student), using this my birthday celebration as a means to make it a reality.

“We therefore appeal to you all who are in the same spirit of touching lives to donate generously to support this landmark projects.

“For your contribution,
Kindly make direct deposits to this account details:

“Uzu Onyemaechi Robert
First Bank

“For more Information, contact:
Emmanuel Babayaro
Ex-Super Eagles Goalkeeper.

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