Insecurity: Those who want to tarnish the image of Ndigbo are responsible for the attacks, says NYP Speaker

Insecurity: Those who want to tarnish the image of Ndigbo are responsible for the attacks, says NYP Speaker

The Hon. Speaker of Ndigbo Youth Parliament (NYP), Rt. Hon. Rikki Nwajiofor, has disclosed the people behind the recent attacks on the security Personnel and destruction of police stations in the Igbo speaking states.

According to the Hon. Speaker of NYP, in his press release on monday afternoon, vandalizing of private and public properties and extermination of human lives are alien to Ndigbo, especially Ndigbo Youth, who are known to be peaceful and law abiding. Thus, the recent destruction of police stations cannot be ascribed to Ndigbo Youth. The press statement reads;

“It is with every sense of patriotism that I vehemently condemn the unabated recent attacks on the security agencies and their properties, especially on the Nigeria Police and their stations, in Igbo speaking states. 

“I have received several reports of attacks on the Nigeria Police personnel and the destruction of  several police stations and I make bold to say that this is not one of the attributes of Ndigbo Youth; we are not known for unwanton destruction of properties and shedding of human blood, we are known for peace and we sacrosanctly hold human blood at high esteem. 

“These attacks on the security personnel and destruction of police stations are perpetrated by those who are out to tarnish the good image of Ndigbo Youth and paint Ndigbo in a colour that does not befit us. These unwanted hoodlums and miscreants are the real enemies of our land and the arch-enemies of our beloved Nation – Nigeria and should be fished out to face the wrath of the law. 

“These heinous crimes are executed by ‘those who have the intention of killing the dog but have no justification to do so other than to give it a bad name, so that people will justify their action when they eventually kill the dog’. This is highly condemnable.”

Rt. Hon. Nwajiofor called on all Ndigbo Youth to join hands in putting a stop to further occurrences of what he described as an economic sabotage against Igbo land, even as he commiserated with the families of those who lost their lives during the attacks. He went further to say;

“Ipso facto, I call on all well meaning Ndigbo Youth, home and diaspora, to condemn the monstrous and disgraceful activities of these enemies of our land and adversaries of our beloved Nation – Nigeria. All hands need to be on deck to assist the security agencies, who are working assiduously to protect the lives and properties of our people. Let us, en masse, condemn all these attacks and their perpetrators and collaborate with the security agencies in fishing out the perpetrators who must face the wrath of the law. 

“Igbo speaking  states are known for peaceful coexistence and law abiding; we are homely people who drive joy in making our “visitors” relaxed and to feel at home.  

“We should not be oblivious of the fact that all these destructions of police stations and other public facilities amounts to economic sabotage on our people, as the resources meant for the development of our communities will be channeled in reconstruction and rehabilitation of all those facilities that are being destroyed. We all are at great loss, if we do not fight against these hoodlums and enemies of our land. 

“I use this opportunity to urge the security personnel, especially the police men posted to work in Igbo speaking states, to see Ndigbo as friends and not foes. Do not unleash your anger on innocent citizens of Igbo extraction, unbridle your animosity and exasperation on the enemies of our Nation. Do not extort the people you are meant to protect, as such inhumane and unpatriotic actions can turn the people against you. 

“I sincerely condole with the families of all those who lost their lives in all these shameful attacks and undesirable destruction of police stations. May God grant you the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss and may the dead enjoy blissful rest.”

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