Hospitals don’t need police reports to admit patients – FCT CP

Hospitals don’t need police reports to admit patients – FCT CP

By Abiodun Sanusi

The Commissioner of Police, Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Haruna Garba, has revealed that hospitals in the nation’s capital city and across the 36 states of the federation do not need police reports before attending to patients in emergency situations.

The CP made the development known on Tuesday while fielding questions from journalists over a recent incident involving one Miss Greatness Olorunfemi, a victim of ‘one chance’ operators in Abuja, who, according to unconfirmed media reports, was abandoned by medical personnel at the Maitama District Hospital to die for lack of a police report.

Garba said, “This issue is not only about the Federal Capital Territory; medical doctors and nurses are in a position to attend to patients in emergency situations. In fact, we’ve always said that if they feel that a patient could be a criminal, it is advisable for them to treat the person and contact the police while the person is still under their care.”

He further urged residents to be wary of the kind of vehicles they board, advising them to only board painted taxis from designated motor parks, noting that it is risky to board unpainted taxis otherwise known as ‘kabu-kabu,’ as they may fall victims of the robbers known as ‘one chance’.

The CP said, “In the same vein, I wish to advise residents of the FCT to be wary of the kind of vehicles they board. It is advised that they should board painted taxis from designated motor parks. It is risky to board an unpainted taxi otherwise known as ‘kabu-kabu’ as they may fall victim to these robbers known as one chance. I want to reiterate my commitment and willingness to always work with you to defeat crime in the Federal Capital Territory.”

On Saturday, the FCT Police Command revealed that it had instituted an investigation into reports that Olorunfemi died after medical personnel at the hospital allegedly refused to attend to her for lack of a police report.

The FCT Police Command Public Relations Officer, SP Josephine Adeh, revealed the development in an exclusive telephone interview with our correspondent.

“The police are investigating the matter. The CP has ordered the Mabushi Police Division that was investigating the matter to immediately transfer it to the SCID,” SP Adeh had said.

The PUNCH reports that fresh evidence has emerged on how Olorunfemi was confirmed dead on arrival at the Maitama District Hospital, Abuja.

On September 26, Olorunfemi was reportedly stabbed and thrown out of a moving vehicle along the Maitama-Kubwa highway.

It was alleged in a viral video that the medical team at the hospital requested a police report and denied her treatment. A voice in the video could be heard in the background saying she died 20 minutes later.

However, our correspondent who visited the hospital on Saturday found that Olorunfemi was brought into the hospital dead and there was no request for a police report.

The deceased was the Assistant Secretary and Public Relations Officer of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Abuja Branch. She was also a community developer and member of the Young African Leaders Initiative Network. Representatives of the CIPM were also at the hospital when our correspondent visited.

A CCTV footage of the incident seen by our correspondent revealed that the vehicle arrived at the entrance of the emergency unit of the hospital at 8:35 pm on September 26, and a nurse came out in less than a minute to examine her, and shaking her head, signifying that the patient was already dead.

At 8:36 pm, the nurse returned to the emergency unit and the man behind the viral video walked into the emergency unit to engage with the medical team on duty till 8:37 pm.

The man, however, walked out of the emergency unit at 8:38 pm and the door was shut behind him.

At 8:40 p.m., the nurse came out again and was seen addressing those who came with the patient. Afterwards, a female doctor came out at 8:41 p.m. to re-examine the patient till 8:42 p.m.

Later, the doctor was seen addressing the people again till 8:44 p.m. when she returned to the emergency unit, and the door was shut again.

It was gathered that the doctor reconfirmed that the patient was dead while addressing the people.

The footage of the CCTV also showed that the man behind the viral video left at 8:43 p.m.

Speaking with The PUNCH, the Vice President of the CIPM, Abuja branch, Daniel Afolabi, said investigations were still ongoing and that the institute would issue a statement when due.

Afolabi added, “We have seen the videos, and investigations are ongoing and we have met with the Medical Director, Dr. Imuentinyan Igbinovia. He also confirmed that the police and YALI team had been here and the Minister of Health and everyone are interested in the case, so let us exercise a little patience to get the facts of the incident.”

Findings showed that Olorunfemi’s corpse was deposited at the hospital’s mortuary.


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