Glass-like Transparent River discovered in Enugu State

Glass-like Transparent River discovered in Enugu State

By Rikki Nwajiofor

Tourism sector is a highly neglected Sector in Nigeria, not withstanding its high economic value and high potential in contributing to the IGR of the located states and Nigeria at large.

Lots of Tourist attractions in Nigeria have been grossly neglected and mismanaged. Toursim is a goldmine which, if properly tapped, can complement the resources generated by Nigeria’s mineral resources and create job opportunities for the teeming Youth of Nigeria.

In Enugu state, a new tourist attraction has been discovered. This glass-like river, named Omo affam, is a beauty to behold. It can be named the cleanest and purest river in Africa. A glance into the river, one can glaringly see the pebbles and the depth of the river. Though a shallow river, it flows in and out of season and serves the need of the people.

The river is located in Mmaku, a town in Enugu West Senatorial Zone of Enugu State. This river can serve as an attractive tourist site in Nigeria, if properly developed and managed. Enugu state is indeed blessed with astonishing and attractive tourist sites but has been unlucky not have been blessed with a government willing to tap into these goldmines for the development of the state and betterment of Ndi Enugu at large.

We shall run a complete documentary on all the tourist attractions in Enugu state, wherein we shall bring to the fore, more details about this wonderful sight of nature located in Mmaku.

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