#GambiaDecides2021: Adama Barrow votes, says ‘will never lose election’

#GambiaDecides2021: Adama Barrow votes, says ‘will never lose election’

Incumbent Gambian president, Adama Barrow, has expressed confidence in ‘his victory’ in the ongoing election.

Mr Barrow, speaking to journalists shortly after voting at Macarthy Square polling station on Saturday, said he would never lose the election.

The current president, whose possible victory is being challenged by five other candidates, arrived at the polling station some minutes after 11 a.m.

Upon arrival, he cast his vote and emerged to speak to journalists, thereafter.

“We will never lose this election,” he said when asked about his chances. “It will be the biggest landslide victory in the history of election in this country. I enjoy unprecedented support in this country.

“You have been following my campaign and my campaign was very successful and the message was very clear. I am a leader who is focused on development and that development will continue in the country.

“I know in the next 24 hours, my people will be celebrating in the streets,” he added.

Expressing delight at the huge turnout of voters, Mr Barrow charged the Independent Electoral Commision (IEC) to conduct a free and fair election.

“My advice to IEC; they should remain neutral. If they are neutral, it makes it very easy for all of us the players and if they are neutral, it makes it easy for people to accept the final result. They are the ones conducting the election, let them conduct free, fair, transparent election,” he said.

Mr Barrow, who came to power in 2017 after the former president, Yahya Jammeh, left The Gambia to go on exile, is contesting against five other candidates.

The elections, which opened by 8 a.m. has been largely peaceful and is witnessing a significant turnout of voters.

Source: https://www.premiumtimesng.com/news/headlines/499032-gambiadecides2021-adama-barrow-votes-says-will-never-lose-election.html

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