Four key steps to a long healthy life

Four key steps to a long healthy life

Bunmi Sofola

Weight:   Scientists now believe that maintaining a healthy weight is the single most important thing you can do for cancer prevention, aside from not smoking.  Losing just 10 per cent of excess weight can make a dramatic difference.

Walk:    According to an examination of 40 studies, simply walking for 30 minutes a day can help you beef up to 24 illnesses.  It’s also great for brain function and mental health, helps you sleep better and will keep your weight in check.

Eat Well:   Eat a balanced diet, including food groups, advised Amy Thompson of the British Heart Foundation “Fruit and Veg” should make up a third of what we eat, a third should come from starchy foods, like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta; and a third from protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs and low-fat milk.  Try to avoid eating too much-saturated fat and salt.

Reduce your drinking:  A third of women drink more than the recommended daily guidelines (two or three units per day), with excess drinking causing high blood pressure, increased stroke risk, reduced fertility and mental health problems. 

And because alcohol affects women differently from men, certain conditions such as cancer, digestive problems and heart disease pose an additional threat to women who drink to excess.  The risk of breast cancer increases with each daily unit above the recommended level.


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