Don’t make love at this hour, if you don’t want pregnancy

Don’t make love at this hour, if you don’t want pregnancy

By Bunmi Sofola

YOU’LL MOST LIKELY GET PREGNANT AT … 6.25PM:-IF YOU’RE wanting to conceive a baby, try straight after you get home from work.  Tests at Italy’s University Of Modena found that a man’s sperm peaks in potency at this time.  More than 75 per cent of the males studied produced greater concentrations of faster sperm in the early evening – around 35 per cent higher than other times of day.

YOU’RE AT YOUR MOST CREATIVE AT .,. 10.51PM:-THOUGH your eyelids may be drooping, problems that need open-ended thinking are best left until late in the evening, scientists until late in the evening, scientists have discovered.  A study of 400 students in the U.S. found that the more tired we are, the more our mind wanders and so the more creative we become.  This is also the time of day for storing things in our long-term memories.  Immediate recall is highest in the morning, but for longer retention, reading something at 10.51pm is best.  ‘Memory depends on nucleic acids and these show circadian rhythms,’ explains Michael Smokenksy.  In other words, the chemicals our brains use to form memories are highest at night.

THE BEST TIME TO HAVE A BABY IS … 4.36AM:-WORLDWIDE, more babies are born between 3am and 5am than at any other time.  It may not be the most convenient hour to dash to hospital, but it’s our body’s way of telling us that this is the safest and healthiest time to give birth.

The reason is that the extremely relaxed state of our brains and muscles, as well as our lowered pain sensation  –  due to the high levels of melatonin in the body – makes it the best time for babies to arrive.


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