Discrimination, marginalisation against Ndigbo must stop — Obi Onubuogu

Discrimination, marginalisation against Ndigbo must stop — Obi Onubuogu

By Chinedu Adonu

The Spiritual Director/Founder, of Rock Family Church, Enugu, Bishop Obi Onubuogu, has warned that discrimination and marginalisation against Nidigbo must stop.

Onubuogu who called on other geo-political zones in Nigeria to stop what he described as “national hatred for Ndigbo, said that Ndigbo brought light and development to various parts of Nigeria.

The clergyman made the appeal in Enugu on Tuesday at a post-2023 General Election Zonal Town Hall Meeting with Stakeholders, held at Bon Sunshine Hotels, Independence Layout, Enugu, organised by a Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, Peering Advocacy and Advancement Center for Africa, PAACA.

The religious leader posited that with the continued discrimination and marginalisation against Ndigbo in various parts, Igbo might be forced to return to their base with in the long run may not augur well for Nigeria as a nation.

“If you drag Igbo people back to their place, what are you going to do about what they have done for you? There is discrimination against Ndigbo in Nigeria and the national hatred for Ndigbo must stop,” he declares.

Onubuogu who probably was referring to how Ndigbo were maltreated in Lagos following the outcome of the 2023 general election, called on Ndigbo to help themselves. “In South East, we must help ourselves, “he admonished.

Speaking earlier at the occasion, Enugu State CAN chairman, Rev. Emmanuel Ede, lamented the shoddy way INEC handled the just concluded 2023 polls which many believed would have been foolproof.

“Our country is becoming too complex to handle. All the promises INEC made were thrown into the trash. INEC failed the entire world. If they had kept to their promises, we won’t be where we are now,” he lamented urging the National Orientation Agency, NOA, that held the Town Hall Meeting in conjunction with PAACA to embark on more orientation for future Nigeria to be better.

The Executive Director, PAACA, Ezenwu Nwagwu, said INEC was not to blame entirely for the 2023 general election because they acted within the ambit of the electoral law, pointing out that in Igbo land people were practically being dragged to obtain PVCs and to vote whereas other came out en masse.

He challenged the stakeholders to tell him the number of people that had a copy of the 2022 electoral law as amended and those who actually read them but was surprised that only a few did.

He therefore urged Nigerians to be informed before making comments on the outcome of the election and indeed in other national issues.

Moving away from partisan politics, Ezenwa called on Ndigbo to come together to chart a common front.

According to him, other parts of Nigeria speak with one voice but Igbos prefer to appear sacrosanct and to wear the garb of knowing it all and thus lose what they would have gained in Nigeria.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2023/05/discrimination-marginalisation-against-ndigbo-must-stop-obi-onubuogu/

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