COVID-19: Catholic Church Relaxes Restrictions, Begins Full Activities

COVID-19: Catholic Church Relaxes Restrictions, Begins Full Activities

Becky Uba Umenyili

In view of the lifting of the ban on certain public activities by the federal government, following earlier restrictions imposed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the Archbishop of the Lagos Archdiocese, Rt. Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, has announced the resumption of full worship activities in the church, and activities of Christian worship across all Catholic church in the Lagos Archdiocese.

The announcement further stated that the usual public procession and other liturgical activities associated with the Palm Sunday and Easter celebrations, including night programmes, would be fully observed.

Specifically, the reception of the Holy Communion by faithful which had since the outbreak of the pandemic been on the hands, have now been made optional, to be received either on the tongue or on the palms.

Similarly, a major highlight of the Holy Week event, which is the veneration of the cross during which people are expected to kiss the Holy Cross, is still restricted to only the celebrant, while the other worshippers would venerate the cross by bowing to it.

He, however, emphasised that basic hygiene and preventive measures like washing of hands often, wearing of face masks and use of hand sanitisers should be maintained as usual.


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