Apostle Johnson Suleman builds restaurant to feed 1,000 people daily

Apostle Johnson Suleman builds restaurant to feed 1,000 people daily

….Establishes hospital providing 50% free medical service to all

All days are special but some days are more special than others.

Moreover, what makes some days very remarkable are the personalities who are associated with them. This is especially when such personalities are great men and women.

The 24th of March, 2022 is one of such special days as the Senior Pastor and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman celebrates his birthday.
Meanwhile, in line with the activities to mark his special birthday, Apostle Suleman has built a free restaurant to feed at least 1000 people daily.

The restaurant will open tomorrow, Saturday, by 11 am and Apostle Suleman will be there among many dignitaries and beneficiaries to witness the unveiling.
The restaurant will help cushion the effect of the biting economic conditions plaguing the people.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that since Covid 19 pandemic struck in 2020, many Nigerians have been suffering untold hardships. To make matters worse, prices of commodities, including food and healthcare have skyrocketed.

Also, while many Nigerians need quality healthcare, the services are not readily accessible to them due to the high cost of accessing such services.

Also, the harsh economic condition plaguing the country has thrown many Nigerians into poverty.

In fact, data by the World Poverty Clock, an online tool that monitors countries’ progress against poverty globally and regionally and which provides real-time poverty data across countries said in its recent report that about 70 million Nigerians are currently living in extreme poverty. It said this number represents 33 per cent of the Nigeria’s over 200 million population.

Meanwhile, since the government cannot and has not launched intervention programmes that are enough to help many Nigerians, Apostle Suleman has taken up the gauntlet to ensure that many Nigerians get out of poverty.

Consequently, he has engaged in many humanitarian acts as well as helping many families have access to both quality healthcare and food to survive.

The OFM Medical Center:
To further mark this special birthday, this man of God whose philanthropic acts know no bounds, has built the OFM Medical Center, a hospital to provide professional healthcare services to Nigerians at very affordable rates.

In fact, what makes this Medical Center very remarkable is that it provides world class healthcare to Nigerians, especially those who cannot afford these services.

For instance, at the OFM Medical Center, you can get both antenatal and delivery services at a 50% discount, curtsy of the philanthropic gestures of Apostle Suleman.

This is an uncommon gesture which can only be given by a philanthropist as Apostle Suleman.

The hospital is part of the custom of the Ministry of Apostle Johnson Suleman which is not just providing spiritual solutions to healthcare issues but also empowering and providing several humanitarian services in healthcare.

Meanwhile, speaking on the development, one of the doctors at the center, Dr. Ifijeh Patrick said such kinds of interventions brought about by Apostle Johnson Suleman is very important as it helps the people access affordable and quality healthcare.

Dr. Patrick said the antenatal and delivery services which the center provides is almost free while some other services only require the patients to pay only a 50% of the entire bill.

He said, “If you consider what we are doing, the quality of services that we render, it’s almost free.”

Apostle Suleman took the initiative to ease the economic hardship of the people by establishing the OFM Medical Center.

Pregnant women and their families will now breathe a breath of fresh air knowing full well that 50% of their medical bills are taken care of by Apostle Suleman.

Also, while this initiatives help relieve the people from poverty, they also provide job opportunities for doctors, nurses, and other health workers.

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