36 Governors agree to end nomadic cattle rearing

36 Governors agree to end nomadic cattle rearing

By Eric Ikhilae, Abuja

The 36 Governors of the Federation have agreed to end the practice of nomadic rearing of cattle in view of its increasing adverse security effects on the country.

The Governors came to this agreement at the 25th virtual meeting of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) held on Wednesday.

They were however silent on the date they plan to put a stop to open grazing and movement of cattle by herders.

In a communique at the end of the meeting, which was made public on Thursday evening by the NGF’s secretariat, the Governors also cautined  against ethnic profiling upon being briefed about the posture of the Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF) on the issue by their Chairman and Plateau Governor, Simon Lalong.

It said: “Following  an  update  from  governors  on  the  various  initiatives  taken by  State  governments  to  address the  rising  insecurity  in  the  country  due  to  the  activities  of  herdsmen,  members  reached  a  consensus on  the  need  for  the  country  to transition  into  modern  systems  of  animal  husbandry  that  will  replace open,  night  and  underage  grazing  in  the  country.

“State  governments  are  encouraged  to  put  in  place systems  to  accelerate  the  grazing  initiative  of  the  National  Livestock  Transformation  Plan (NLTP) and  ranching in  the  country.

“The  forum  respects  the  right  of  abode  of  all  Nigerians  and  strongly  condemns  criminality  and  the ethnic  profiling  of  crime  in  the  country  in  an  effort  to  frame  the  widespread  banditry  and  the  herdersfarmers  crisis.

“In  the  light  of  the  economic  and  security  risks  that  have  arisen  from  these circumstances,  the  forum  resolved  to  urgently  convene  an  emergency  meeting  of  all  Governors.

“The  Chairman  of the Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF)  and  Governor  of  Plateau  State,  Rt Hon.  Simon  Bako  Lalong  provided  an  update  on  steps  taken  by  the  Governors  of  the  nineteen  (19) Northern  States  and  cautioned  against  the  tagging  of  ethnic  groups  based  on  the  misbehavior  of  a  few criminally  minded  individuals.

“He  (Lalong) called on State governors  to  address  this  matter  head-on  in  their various  states.”

The meeting also dwelt on ways to ensure effective destribution of the coronavirus vaccines when the are available in the country and agreed the health workers should first benefit.

Source: https://thenationonlineng.net/36-governors-agree-to-end-nomadic-cattle-rearing/

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