2023: Under My Watch, Nigeria will be Governed with Truth, Justice and Equity – Prince Adewole Adebayo

2023: Under My Watch, Nigeria will be Governed with Truth, Justice and Equity – Prince Adewole Adebayo

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the Presidential aspirant of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), has disclosed that he will govern Nigeria with the justice, truth and equity if elected as a Nigeria President come 2023.

The Ondo-born politician stated this while on courtesy visit to the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, earlier this week to officially inform the traditional ruler of his aspiration to become the next president of Nigeria.

Prince Adewole noted that God blessed Nigeria with unquantifiable human and natural resources, more than most developed countries, but our leaders have not applied truth, justice and equity in the management of these rich resources to ensure an unprecendented development founded on even distribution of these resources among the states. He stated;

“A just person will not mislead the people. A just person will do to others only that which he wants others to do unto him. So you will be humble. He will understand that this is just a tenancy given from above and that everyone will give account not only here but in heaven. So this is what we need to bring.

“And if we apply this, we do not need to go to anybody to borrow money to build justice. If the leader does justice, those who follow him will learn to do justice. And every Nigeria will learn to do justice in their little corners. And it doesn’t matter how they do, doesn’t mean that the country will not have challenges. But when the times are lame, the leader will show himself to live in a line less way.

However, he salutes the Emir of Zazzau and the forefathers, “There was a time in this country where the only University in the north was the Amodu Bello University Zaria.

“The education Was good, there was no strike and from far from corners and all over the world who come and seek knowledge in Zaria. That one University produced a great civilization. How come now we have University in every corner?

“What we had at that time is that our best leaders worked with truth even though they were young. They were about the same age as I am today. But they already knew how to apply truth and justice and they did justice to the end. So all we have to do if it pleases Almighty Allah that we should be the ones to lead to people is to apply truth and justice. Because a just person will not misuse public resources.

“When the times are tough, the leader has to take the brunt of the toughness. And when it pleases Allah to give us good times, the people who take first and leaders will take last. These are the lessons of our forefathers. These are the lessons of Sir Amodu Bello. These are the lessons of Tafawa Balewa, and all leaders of the north. The same thing with Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe, the same thing with Chief Awolowo, Sir Michael Opararah and so many other great leaders we had in the past.

“These are the times we need to travel back to and this is the moment to do so. Your Majesty, I thank you for the reception and I prayed that Almighty Allah elongates and elongates and makes sure that this kingdom endures in peace and harmony.

Adebayo who in his entourage to the palace had several eminent personalities including Solomon Selcap Dalung who was the Minister of Youth and Sports between 2015 and 2019 and Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is currently the Senator, representing Anambra South Senatorial District in the Nigerian senate, wooed in a confab with the palace that lasted for about an hour plus.

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