2023 presidential election: Prince Adebayo submits letter of expression of interest to SDP

2023 presidential election: Prince Adebayo submits letter of expression of interest to SDP

…Accuses leaders of deliberately ignoring solutions to nation’s numerous problems

Renowned media entrepreneur and founder of Kaftan TV, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has blamed Nigerian leaders for deliberately plunging the country into its ongoing economic and socio-economic problems.

He insisted that leaders purposely ignore solutions to the country’s numerous problems as a result of greed and self-service.

To this end,the politician, who spoke while submitting letter of expression of interest to the leadership of the Social Democratic Party,SDP,ahead of the 2023 general elections, vowed to change the narratives when elected president.

Vowing also to make women involvement in governance a top priority in his administration, Prince Adedayo said SDP was working together to unsen political forces to take over power from the ruling All Progressives Congress,APC,in 2023, saying emergence of the party would address the nation’s ongoing problems.

He regretted that many issues had bedeviled Nigeria,top among insecurity, fuel scarcity, perennial Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU,he said: “Nigeria has too many problems with known solutions that are never implemented.”

He spoke further:” Indeed, the leaders know the solutions to our problems as a country, but they have deliberately ignored them; thereby allowing the masses to suffer unnecessarily. Of course, the solutions to our problems are known, but the leaders have been shying away from them. Nigeria requires leadership, that is why we are contesting under the platform of the SDP; to provide the desired leadership.

“There is no excuse for Nigerians to be in darkness, when they’re many alternative sources of power. For instance, you generate power in your house through solar and electric generator. Why can’t it work for the entire country? This is simply because the politicians in power don’t want it to work. This administration has negative electricity generation. However, we will fix that when we take over government.

“Also, I will resolve the lingering ASUU strike as a President. It’s a problem that can be solved. Something can be done about it to put this strike issue to a stop. Unlike in my days at the University, we now have too much money as a country, yet ASUU is on strike. So, I will ensure that the tertiary institutions are managed by academia. As long as the non-academic people continue to manage the Universities, we will continue to have problems.

“Meanwhile, I am in the SDP to win the presidential election for Nigerians. When that happens, Nigerians will see and experience quality leadership. I have confidence that with the new electoral act, the SDP and other platforms collaborating will win the presidential election.

“We are coming with fresh men and fresh ideas. The problem of Nigeria is not what we have, but how to manage it. In the past, when the resources were managed well, the country had a lot of money. Women are part of the country and will be included in my government. The problems of women are the same problems of the country. The women want jobs, security, a good society and freedom. Everyone want that, so we will provide all of them when elected in 2023.”

Source https://www.vanguardngr.com/2022/03/2023-presidential-poll-adebayo-submits-letter-of-expression-of-interest-to-sdp/

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