2023: NYCN Vice President (National) promises to retire all treacherous  politicians

2023: NYCN Vice President (National) promises to retire all treacherous politicians

The Vice President (National) of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Comrade Otunba Eniola Tope, has called on the teeming Nigerian Youth to arm themselves with PVC as 2023 draws near.

In a press release made available to the media on Monday, Otunba Eniola decried the apathy of some Youth towards election in Nigeria, which has led to a low turnout in the number of voters during elections. He promised to embark on a nationwide campaign and to retire bad politicians during the 2023 general elections. He said;

“Nigerian Youth are the strength and hope of this great nation. Our demographic strength can make or mar this nation, depending on our choice. However, I strongly believe that majority of Nigerian Youth hold this nation very dear to their hearts, even amidst all odds.

“As the general election is fast approaching, come 2023, I urge every patriotic Youth of this nation to arm themselves with PVC which gives us the power to elect credible leaders. We cannot show apathy towards election and yet complain of bad leadership of some politicians. We cannot eat our cake and have it back. Thus, if we desire a better Nigeria, we must participate fully in electioneering processes.

“In 2023, we must retire all bad and self-centered politicians via the ballot box. All those corrupt politicians who embezzle public funds, and those who are in the habit of instigating us against one another, must not smell the corridors of power in 2023. We have the demographic power to decide who wins and who losses out, during elections. However, we can only exercise this power if we have our PVC.

“On this note, my office as the Vice President (National) of the apex Youth group in Nigeria, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), will be embarking on a nationwide sensitization tagged ‘Operation Show Your PVC’. It is a patriotic mission geared towards encouraging our teeming Youth to obtain a PVC so as to rid our nation of egocentric and unpatriotic politicians whom we must retire during the 2023 elections.

“I urge every well meaning Nigerian Youth to ensure that they secure their PVC and never trade it for anything on earth. It is time for us to eradicate money politics and self-centered politics in Nigeria and entrench politics of meritocracy. The time is now!”

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