2022: Public Holidays in Nigeria – Bank holidays, Easter date, Labour day, Eid-el-Fitr

2022: Public Holidays in Nigeria – Bank holidays, Easter date, Labour day, Eid-el-Fitr

In this year 2022, office work resumes from today – Tuesday 4th of January, after the Christmas festivities that marked the end of year 2021 followed by the 2022 new year celebration.

In this year 2022, there are up to 21 Public Holidays in Nigeria. Suffice it to say that in this 2022, schools, corporate offices and businesses, banks and government offices will be closed for 21 times.

Below are the dates/days for the public holidays in Nigeria, in this year 2022:

1st January – Saturday – New Year Day

3rd January – Monday- New Year Day Holiday (This is because New Year day was on a Saturday)

15th April – Friday – Good Friday

18th April – Monday – Easter Monday

1st May – Sunday – Labour Day

2nd May – Monday – Labour Day Holiday (This is because labour day is on a Sunday)

3rd May – Tuesday – Eid el Fitr

4th May – Wednesday – Eid el Fitr

27th May – Friday – Children Day (Public Holiday for Schools and Children)

12th June – Sunday – Democracy Day

13th June – Monday – Democracy Day Holiday (This is because Democracy Day is on a Sunday)

10th July – Sunday – Eid el Kabir

11th July – Monday – Eid el Kabir

12th July – Tuesday – Id el Kabir Holiday (This is because Id el Kabir is likely to fall on a Sunday according to the Lunar calendar)

1st October – Saturday – Independence Day

3rd October – Monday – Independence Day Holiday (This is because National Day is on a Saturday)

8th October – Saturday – Eid el Maulud

10th October – Monday – Eid el Maulud Holiday (This is because Id el Maulud is on a Saturday)

25th December – Sunday – Christmas Day

26th December – Monday – Boxing Day

27th December – Tuesday – Christmas Day Holiday (This is because Christmas is on a Sunday)

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